Blog Disclosure

The FTC, in 2009, revised guidelines regarding the public endorsement and testimonials of products and services. Since products we have used and have written about may contain or be considered endorsements or official testimonials, we are required to inform you of the following;

• Links to products in our blog may generate income for us.
• We will only promote products, services and other businesses that we know, have used or have experience with.
• Some products may be provided to us free of charge for review; this does not guarantee any favorable or positive endorsements as a result.
• Count on our honest opinion and experience when reviewing a product and that no company will sway my opinion if the product fails to meet our standards for endorsement.
• At times there may be an association with a particular product, service or business. In not every occasion will there be an official affiliate link or partnership link with others mentioned in a blog post.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we write the blog content for fun and to offer our followers information and insights on ideas, products, and content that we believe has value to those that choose to follow us.

Thank you for for your readership and trust that we will provide an honest and trustworthy source related to topics on this blog.

The Colliers