Give Thanks Fall Banner

Give Thanks Fall Banner

In our home we prefer simple decorations like this Give Thanks Fall Banner. You won’t find us filling up a basket at a store to deck our home out with each season. It amazes me every year at how many decorations fill the store shelves. By some standards we may be considered minimalists, but I think we can still improve on that. Belongings, and managing them, do weigh us down; and over the years our family has rid our home of so much….and it feels SO good!

A number of years ago I ran across free templates to make your own decorations on the TomKat Studio Site. The Give Thanks Banner was made using printables from this site and I just love it.

Give Thanks Fall Banner

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Supplies need for the Give Thanks Fall Banner

Printed Fall Banner from The Thanksgiving Collection on TomKat Studio


ModgePodge Matte -Mat-Mate  and small art paint brush

Natural Twine

Brown thread and needle

Directions for making the Give Thanks Fall Banner

  1. Print and cut out template from TomKat Studio.
  2. Cut out burlap. I cut mine out about 3/4 inch larger than the printable.
  3. Pour some Mod Podge into a small dish so you don’t get burlap fibers in the bottle. Apply Mod Podge on the back of the paper and adhere it to the burlap then paint the front of the paper and the burlap edge with the Mod Podge. Let your letters dry (the Mod Podge will dry clear).
  4. Cut a length of twine that suits your particular layout and size of project.
  5. Using brown thread sew the burlap to the natural twine, My spacing is about 1/2″ between the letters and 3 1/2″ between the words, and I attached the twine to the back of each letter with a few stitches

During the off season I fold this banner up, wrap it in food wrap, and put it between a couple of books to keep it nice and flat and doesn’t get kinked up or deformed.

Give Thanks Fall Banner

Give Thanks Banner

Give Thanks Banner Thanksgiving

Give Thanks Fall Banner